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CS401 Learning and Progress Home Stretch

May 3, 2013

Well there is just one more class Session before the semester ends.  Unfortunately we still don’t have a fully working program.  There is a possibility that work will need to continue during the summer.  Some students who will still be around have volunteered to continue working on it.  I as well volunteered for this, although I wouldn’t be much help with the coding side (not having as much experience with it as others) I offered to continue testing and helping with any Kiosk Pro issues that come up.

The good news is that Most of the individual pieces are working well, problems left are minor and mostly just polishing.  Once everything is integrated it will need testing to make sure that process didn’t mess anything up.

On Monday the programmed was reviewed, even if in pieces by WAM, I helped to explain some of the program and each group talked and did a demo of their own part of it.  I took notes on all the changes that they wanted in case anyone needed a reminder later on.  Most of these changes were cosmetic in nature and not to difficult to do according to the teams.

So far as I can tell this week no changes have been made to the code on the server for any section.  So I was unable to do any testing.  I was able to put together a simple word document instructions for setting up the other iPads. This should make things easier for WAM and also help reset things properly if the settings are ever somehow changed or corrupted.

For Next week will do testing on Tuesday (the last day of classes before Final Exam week).  In my blog I will list any remaining problems I have found in my testing as well as any issues from WAM that have not been finished.  I will also send that list out by e-mail to the group so that if for whatever reason I am not assisting in the completion of the program, those that are will have the most up to date list of needed fixes.

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