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CS401 Learning and Progress Further testing

April 19, 2013

The development server is back online.  Though the newest versions of slide show and coloring program are not up on it.  So I have mostly done testing on what people have in their User Directories.  Unfortunately there has been less progress these last two weeks then normal.  At least as far as testable features go.

The articles page was found to have some troubles, with the highlighted text and bottom of the page.  The team is working on these and confident the problems can be fixed.

There was some problems in the coloring app when it received fast inputs but that has been corrected now.

With the slide show there is a problem that when an image is expanded changing the image doesn’t get rid of the expanded image and just puts the new image behind it.  The team is still working on a fix for this.

Otherwise the program is responding well to testing.

I will be working on my Instruction Slide show next week.  My plan to test the local content and update has been delayed.  I have decided to make it a good test I really need to test it with the full program.  For this I need to wait till we have a fully updated copy all put together.  I am hopping that we will have this next week.  Doing the test this way will make sure that there is no trouble with the amount of data or updating a complicated program.

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