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CS401 Learning and Progress iPad testing

March 16, 2013

I missed some blog posts, due to midterms and other distractions.  So this post will include information from the missed blogs as well as the current one this week.

First having nothing more to research for the group I joined the testing group to go over what other people were doing looking for any bugs, errors, or ideas I thought that could be useful.  My main goal was to be doing the testing on the iPad to make sure it worked, did what it was supposed to, and that there wasn’t any compatibility problems.  The first week on testing was slow, few things were ready for testing and those that had something it wasn’t complete so hard to do much.  The second week was a bit better but still not as progressive as I would like.  I came up with some suggestions but It was a question if any were viable.

This week, after a lot of delays was able to work on the iPad and make a lot of progress there.  Below is a detailed account but in short, there was some good and some not as good in my work.  The good, is the Kiosk Pro does seem to really deliver on it’s promises, also there is a lot of helpful information on the settings screen, and even links to online tutorials.  I’ll be going over some of these during the vacation break next week.  I believe that Kiosk Pro will work just fine as believed and there were some features that we might be able to use to cut down on the needed coding.

The bad, some of the features don’t work when I tested them.  Though I found out for the most part it seems to be the iPad not Kiosk pro in general, as the same errors came up when I viewed the project just in a regular browser.  The coloring and puzzle apps were the primary area this came into play (Details below).  So after finishing this blog post I’ll be sending out an e-mail to list with my findings so that people can start thinking about the new problems that have come up.  I’ll also be including a quick guide how to get into the Kiosk Pro to do the testing there.

Some questions also came up, features we may or may not use, and setting choices that will need WAM input (not a big rush on these as they don’t really need to be resolved until the iPads are ready to be set up).  As these items get resolved and I am able to get more of the settings on the iPad ready I will likely put together an easy to follow step by step guide on configuring the settings of Kiosk Pro, both in general and specifically to work with the kiosks and our program.  This way if WAM wishes to add more in the future or something needs to be changed but Tim is not around there will be an easy step by step to follow.

iPad Testing specifics

Note: I’ve split up the things I found into sections per what part they pertain to.  So if you just want to see the notes on your groups sections then you can look for it.  Also take a look at the general items as well as some may pertain to your group.  I’ll continue to use this format as I make future updates.

Overall Program: Partially Working

The ‘home’ link at the top right of the homepage, article page and slideshow does not work as a link, and on the iPad the house image shows up as a check mark instead.  This seems to be an issue with the new iPads as older ones still show the house image.

For all pages, had to use the Kiosk Pro built in back button to get back to the home page, as the pages either don’t have a working button, or none at all.

Touch control worked fine on all pages, was able to scroll and zoom without any troubles.

There is an idle timer set that will return to the home page if it is idle for 30seconds (This time is for testing purposes and can be changed later to whatever is decided would be best).  If there is a point that we don’t want the idle timer to activate, there is code for supplying a condition that will shut off the idle timer.  The code is below.

Function KioskShouldDisableTimer() {

            var shouldSkipAction = “NO”;

            if(someCondition) {

                        shouldSkipAction = “YES”;


            return shouldSkipAction;


This is all the information it gives, but if there are problems I can help trying to figure out how to use this properly.  There is a demo on using this that I will be viewing over vacation or next week.

I looked at all the pages in both Portrait and landscape mode.  None of the pages seemed really squished in landscape, and the homepage does not work in portrait.   The messages and buttons within the boxes are not shown so you can’t navigate at all.


HOME PAGE: Working

The only issue currently for the homepage is that it is a bit to long, had to actually scroll down to see the entire page.  At the moment doesn’t matter as there is nothing on the navigation boxes, but as that changes it might not look good to have to scroll down to see.  I don’t know that it is possible to shrink the page, but if we just avoid using the bottom it would have the same effect.


Article: Working

When scrolling on the page, the images on the left don’t update until the scrolling action stops.  This isn’t a major issue and it is possible there isn’t a way to really change this as it may well be part of the iPad programming.

When I used the zoom feature to look at the text closer, the image box stayed partially on the screen blocking some of the text that the customer would be trying to read.  I’m not sure on a solution for this.

Besides the issues up above, all the buttons worked and the image box did change with that section reached the top of the screen.  I had no trouble scrolling through the images in the box on the left, or using the buttons in the text section.


Slideshow: Not working

The issues here I believe are all ones that are just in the works and not to do with the iPad in specific.

When the pictures are clicked get a blank page with ‘undefined’ at the top left.

have thumbnails of the pictures at the bottom which can be scrolled through, but top of the screen is blank so far.


Puzzle App: Not working – error

While it works on other systems, on the iPad (through kiosk pro or directly in browser) can’t select the puzzle pieces at all.  The shuffle button works find and the pieces are the correct puzzle shaped pieces but can’t move them around.

The example image takes up only a small portion of the screen at the top left, with the pieces scattered across the top half of the screen.  they actually go to the right enough that scrolling is needed to see all of them.  The bottom portion of the screen is completely unused.  Not major issues but something that right now gives a poor look to the app.


Coloring: Not working – error

Like the puzzle app there is a problem on the iPad (in kiosk pro or just in browser) that you can’t actually color the picture.  all other buttons and scrolling works just the coloring action doesn’t work.

When I go into the color select menu and select a color it closes the menu automatically, this is good I think.  However, the brush size menu, when a brush size is picked the menu doesn’t close, you have to click on the brush size menu button again to get it to close.


Screensaver: Not implemented yet

Some information, if we decided to use the built in video screensaver.

The iPad screen is a 4:3 aspect ratio, so to be true full screen the video will need to be the same.  If not Kiosk Pro will get it as close as possible and should fill in the rest of the screen not used with black.

It supports .mp4 and .mov as well as remote streaming video (.m3u8 format)


These are all my notes for the groups so far.  If there are any questions let me know and if any of the teams have something specific they want me to test for or want/need help in testing their stuff let me know.


General Questions

Kiosk Pro has it’s own navigation bar that can be customized, this might be usable but likely we will want to disable this once we have our own added.  As if we used this feature, and WAM released the program openly after the display of the statues, there would be no navigation buttons.

WAM needs to get screen protectors for the iPads, for now I’m going to bring in one of my touch screen cleaning cloths to keep it looking good while we have it.

I will be looking more into the local file information to make sure there will be no trouble backing up our program locally on the iPad to be used when there is no internet connection

I will also be looking into the Remote Monitoring features to be able to give a good explanation of how they work to WAM.

While I’ll be doing some things over the vacation time I likely will not make a blog post, so what I get done will be on the next week’s blog post.

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