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CS401 Learning and Progress Second Task cont.

February 25, 2013

This week I continued to try and get more information on Guided Access and Kiosk Pro. Contact people at Apple and other places that use iPad kiosks.  Unfortunately for the most part all I learned is that there is a lot more unhelpful and/or computer illiterate people out there then I had thought.

All in all I did not get any useful information.  The people at apple could not give any useful advice, if I asked them about the product they pretty much just read me to advertisement or online summery of the program verbatim.  and when asking for opinion I got either no answer or just directed to look at their online site and pick what would work best for me.

Talking with places with kiosks did little good.  I found most either uninterested in answering my questions or they simple didn’t know the answer.  Seems one common approach is to hire someone else to set them up and never ask how they work or look at them again unless they shut down.. and then they just go out and hire people to get them working again.  So without any good reactions or suggestions from else where it is left up to WAM on if they want the free option of guided access or the features that kiosk pro provides.

Assuming that this snow storm doesn’t get any worse and we do have class tomorrow I am hoping that we might be able to get an answer to this question in class.  If class is canceled I will ask the professor if I should ask our contact at WAM which would be preferred or if we should put the question off till later.  I don’t think it will greatly effect our project at this time which is decided.  Not till the later stages should it have a big effect, though it would be nice to start testing out whichever method is chosen.

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