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CS401 Learning and Progress Start

January 25, 2013

My name is Andrew Thomas Murray, I am creating this blog to track my progress and learning in college class CS401 Software Development Process.

First some information on myself.  I am in my last year of Computer Science degree at Worcester State University.  While I have used computers all of my life I have had very little experience with any kind of coding before starting this degree.  So I am looking forward to learning more on software development and especially the class project getting good experience working on creating full usable software.

I am expecting a lot of work in this class, but also to learn a lot.  The tools we’ll be using like javascript and html I haven’t done any real projects with before.  So learning them on top of the course material will be a challenge.  I expect though to come away from this class with a lot of good information and skills.

I will be updating this blog once a week, though likely on different days depending on class workloads.  This is my first time using a blog but so far haven’t had any difficulties with it.  As I get more familiar with it might be able to add more to future posts.  That is all for this post, class starts this upcoming Monday so next post will have more about the class and project.

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